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Free agency bits

Update [2007-3-3 16:0:21 by BleedGreen]: It's official, the Tampa Bay Bucs have signed Jeff Garcia for a reported $11 over 2 years. That's starter money. I wonder what this says about Chris Simms. In a bizarre move, the Bucs also completed a trade for Jake Plummer for a conditional pick next year. Seems like they are stockpiling ancient QBs...

Update [2007-3-3 16:0:21 by BleedGreen]: Also Rod Hood is in Cleveland visiting with the Browns. His agent has also publicly stated that he would be interested in playing for the Giants, although the Giants haven't yet expressed any interest.

It's official, Garcia is a Tampa Bay Buccanneer
SS Michael Lewis has finalized a 6 year deal with the 49ers, who are spending money likes it's going out of style. Note to other NFC West teams... throw the ball against the Niners! I really liked Michael Lewis, but I have no idea what happened to him the past couple years. The guy went from a pro bowler and on of the best young safeties on the game, to a guy that was so bad he was costing the team games. Not sure what the Niners saw in him that they moved so quick to snap him up, but I do wish him luck there... They gave $10 million guaranteed to Lewis, who was benched in favor of Sean Considine last year. The Niners also made Nate Clements the highest paid defensive player in NFL history. I guess we know why it took them so long to finally get themselves out of cap hell... If anyone is interested I was asked to write a scouting report for Lewis over at Niners Nation.

John Clayton was on ESPN last night and mentioned how Donte Stallworth was not getting the attention he was hoping for on the first day of free agency. As of last night he had no visits scheduled. He had hoped he'd get invited to meet with the 49ers, but so far they don't seem interested. Clayton said that Stallworth is "still talking to the Eagles."

It looks like Jeff Garcia will be headed to either Oakland or Tampa. The Bucs appear to be the frontrunner for his services. In the NFC East the only news is that the Redskins gave Bill's MLB London Fletcher a big deal with over $10 million guaranteed.

So far the Eagles have no visits scheduled are not being mentioned as having any significant links with any potential free agents. The team spent it's money locking up young players long term and were never expected to be interested in diving into the free agent market. I don't really know why I'm seeing Eagles fans on message boards panicking over the lack of activity. We all knew this was the deal.

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