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What has this man done with Andy Reid?

If you're drinking coffee at your computer right now, set it down so you don't spit it on your keyboard.

Assuming that McNabb will be back in time for the season, Reid said he planned on having a more balanced offense like the one Garcia ran so effectively in McNabb's absence. The goal: 60 percent run, 40 percent pass, with offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg calling the plays.

To a degree, the offensive linemen will dictate how much the Eagles run, Reid said. If they are effective at run-blocking early, he will be more inclined to keep the ball on the ground. Brian Westbrook proved last year that he can carry a full load, and the Eagles might - stress might - look at drafting a bigger running back to complement Westbrook.

WTF? An Andy Reid Eagles team running 60% of the time? I suppose you could say Andy has been abducted and replaced with some sort of look alike... or you could say that he watched the same games we did in the second half last year. Not to take anything away from Garcia, but he was not the reason we ran the table and won the division. It was Brian Westbrook and the offensive line. They imposed their will on the teams and won games on the ground. Before McNabb was hurt, we were torching teams through the air but we weren't winning games. There's no reason that with McNabb back we can't still focus on the run while adding in the big play pass ability #5 brings.

Whoever this man is... I like him.

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