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First Annual SBN Football Bloggers Mock Draft

The mock draft theme is the song at the end of "Frasier"
I'm really excited to announce the First annual SBN Football Bloggers Mock Draft. Every single blogger on our network as well as some not with us will be representing their favorite team and making their pick.

The coolest thing about this mock draft and what will set it apart from all the other ones on the web is that finally people with an intimate knowledge of each team will be making the picks. How many of these stupid "draft experts" have we seen picking a WR for the Eagles in round one? We, as Eagles fans know they won't pick a WR in round one. We know how this organization values certain positions and how they feel about players already on the team. Same goes for fans of every other team. So this should be pretty fun and hopefully the most accurate mock draft on the web! The draft itself will be three rounds!

The central hub for the draft will be hosted in Seattle over at Field Gulls, our SBN Seahawks blog. Seattle is the only team this year without a first round pick. As each blogger makes their pick and the next one goes on the clock, the pick will be announced and posted at Field Gulls. When I make the Eagles pick, I'll post it here with a full explanation.

I'm working on my draft board right now and I could use some help. Namely with positions. I'd like everyone to post their top 3 positions in terms of need. Also, feel free to give me some names of specific players you guys may have your eyes on or like.

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