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Eagles biggest upgrade... heart?

I read some quotes from Bills fans about Takeo Spikes...

Takeo was the heart of the Bills. We are giving up a Warrior, a Leader, and a hell of a linebacker.

The heart of the team. He's a leader... It reminded me of some quotes our SBN Colts Blogger made about Montae Reagor.

Montae Reagor is a gentleman and a true team leader. He is everything Terrell Owens isn't: hard worker, team leader, team focused, stand-up guy. Montae was loved by players and coaches...

Again, the term "leader" pops up. "Team focused" jumps out. Plus, we've heard similar things about the character of Kevin Curtis.

How many times last year did we hear how stopping the run is about heart and desire? Sure, the Eagles needed some talent upgrades but they needed  a gut upgrade more than anything. It certainly seems like the Eagles have focused on this. Is Montae Reagor all that big of an upgrade talent wise over Darwin Walker? I don't think so, but Walker showed no heart last year. Trotter didn't have a great year last year but it wasn't for lack of effort, plus more importantly you could tell that the Eagles troubles on defense upset him. The things he said during and after the game revealed how mad he was that the defense wasn't doing it's job. We heard similar things from Dawkins. Hopefully this year when you mix in emotional, leader types like Spikes and Reagor with the guys already here like Trotter and Dawkins we'll see a defense with a pride. We'll see a defense with the heart to not allow a team to impose it's will on them.

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