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Jaworski to replace Theismann on MNF!

Jaws > Theismann
I think this is great news. ESPN is confirming that Joe Theismann is out of the monday night football booth and he'll be replaced by none other than former Eagle Ron Jaworski.

How Theismann has managed to hang on for ESPN so long is beyond me. I had just assumed when ESPN got gave up Sunday Night football in favor of Monday nights they'd also just use it as an excuse to get rid of one of the worst national broadcast teams I've ever heard with Theismann and MacGuire. They half did.

Theismann was inexplicably held over and basically played the role of wet blanket to Kornheiser whenever he'd try to get some sort of funny bit going on. I don't think Tony was all that good, but he certainly wasn't helped by Theismann. Jaws is a whole lot more easy going and fun guy than Joe and should bring a much more light and fun atmosphere to the MNF booth.

And he's an EAGLE! For once ESPN didn't hire an ex Cowboy for something. Of course, Jaws only seems to have gotten the job because Parcells didn't want. Still, I'll take what we can get. Parcells is good in the studio, but would have been awful in the booth.

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