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Andy Reid Press conference

Big Red is back and addressed the media and the world for the first time since late January

His first word was "Ok." That's our Andy!
Wanted to thank everyone for their support and said since legal matters are pending he can not comment on anything relating to his son's cases. He asks that people respect the fact that he can't address the matters.

Andy said he "can't say it didn't cross (his) mind to walk away" because family comes first. He did say that he "never got to the point where he was ready to walk away." In the time he spent with his family, he was able to accomplish the things he wanted to. I actually laughed when he said "we did some good stuff in there." Very typical Andy stuff... For the most part whenever asked about the kids or his personal life, he asked for the questions to go back to football.

Gave props to Heckert and co for running the ship when he was gone. He said Heckert "did a great job guiding me with the players." He said that he communicated with Heckert and Banner every day and that there were times he'd call them about a player and times they'd call him to recommend a player.

Andy said he liked Kevin Curtis coming out of college. He's followed him with the Rams and thinks he'll grow even more in the Eagles' offense. He had "nothing but good things to say about Donte [Stallworth]."

He said he didn't think his sons were treated unfairly by the legal system in any way.

Overall, Andy came off as very candid. I felt bad for him as he fended off questions about is sons... Hopefully he got this out of the way and we can all focus on football from here on out.

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