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Proposed NFL Rule Changes

Hat tip to PFT for this story. With the NFL owners meeting coming up later this month some teams have proposed some rule changes that I think are long overdue...

One proposal, offered up by the Bucs, would expand the scope of instant replay to cover all penalties except holding.

The other, proposed by the 49ers, would create two levels of defensive pass interference.  For "severe" interference, the penalty would still be a spot foul.  For minor interference, the penalty would be only 15 yards.

Frankly, the fact that you can't review pass interfence is one of the most absurd things in sports. Interference is one of the harshest on field penalties in any sport. No other penalty on the football field is potentially worth 50 or 60 yards. How many times have wee seen a guy get flagged for a massive pass interfence call only to have the replay show it was good coverage? I'm not sure we need to have every penality reviewable, but at least PI needs to be. As a "consolation prize" I also like the 49ers' proposal. Mugging a WR downfield(ala Mike Lewis) clearly should be treated differently than maybe just having a hand on a guy(ala Sheldon Brown)...

Another proposal from the Bears has the gameday roster getting bigger.

Under the proposal, which was made by the Bears, the number of players would move from 45 to 47.  A third quarterback also would be available.

I say why not? It could only help the competition on the field... How much would Koy Detmer have wished this was already the rule?

I think expanding the roster would allow for more specialty players like kick and punt returners who only serve to make the game more exciting. As it is now a team would almost never sacrifice the roster space to have both a kick and a punt return specialist active.

Update [2007-3-15 13:7:44 by BleedGreen]: KFFL had this little draft nugget...

John Nalbone, of the Trenton Times, reports the Philadelphia Eagles are looking at Rutgers RB Brian Leonard as a possible first day draft pick to complement RB Brian Westbrook.

Leonard is a big kid(6'2, 226) that was a fullback in college. However, he seems intent on making it as a tailback in the NFL. He's reportedly invested tons of time and work into becoming an NFL caliber tailback. In fact, he had more reps in the bench press drill than any other tailback at the combine. I plan on taking "a closer look" at Leonard maybe next week.

The Eagles are also going to have a private workout with Central Missouri State QB Toby Korrodi. He's a big guy(6-4 234 ), with a powerful arm who had a very impressive combine that has shot his stock up.

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