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What we know/What we don't

At this point in free agency there's some things we know and things we don't. We know the Eagles are interested in WR Kevin Curtis and we know his new agent is speaking with the team.

the Eagles remain in discussions with wideout Kevin Curtis' new agent, Bruce Tollner. Hired over the weekend, Tollner has been familiarizing himself with all the proposals from the teams that are interested in Curtis. The Eagles feel Curtis' Friday visit went well; whether they have a good chance depends on what the market is for Curtis. As usual, the Birds have a price they aren't inclined to move beyond. But they do have a little more cap room than they thought they had Sunday night.

Adam Caplan of was on Daily News Live last night said there were 5 teams interested in Curtis and the Eagles were not one of the leaders to get him.

We also know the team feels it needs help at LB. Much like when they told us over and over last year that they were happy with their young WR corps right up until the day they traded for Stallworth, the Eagles have been telling us how they think they'll be fine at LB. They bring up the names of young guys, practice squad players, guys who have never played a game, and veterans who were never good anyway(Dhani...) as proof they they are satisfied with their LB corps. Then out of no where they go hard after a backup from Dallas with a big body and promised him a shot to start at middle linebacker. Now they've showed their hand. Obviously they don't think their need is dire that they need to spend money on a guy with any kind of proven track record, but they at least have admitted with the attempted Fowler signing that they need help at LB.

Well, now everyone knows that they aren't as comfortable as they said they were with only Matt McCoy and Chris Gocong expected to seriously challenge starters Dhani Jones, Jeremiah Trotter and Omar Gaither. The fact that the Birds were willing to pay $4 million this year to Fowler tells you they are looking at least for a situational linebacker who can start down the road. That player might not materialize until the draft.

What we don't know if what they want to do at backup RB. Certainly with the success they had running the ball late last year, the loss of Stallworth, their dominant offensive line, and the fact that their QB is coming off a knee injury one would assume that the Eagles will look to run the ball more often next year from week one. While Westbrook stayed realtively healthy last year and carried the load well down the stretch, we all know that he's going to need someone to split carries with. As of now Buckhalter is a free agent and has been out shopping for a chance to get more carries than he did last year. Corey Dillon's people have flat out said the Eagles are one of two teams he'd play for, and several reports say the interest is mutual. However, there's been no visit or any public statements to that effect from the Eagles themselves.

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