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Fowler changes mind, signs with Tennesse

This is a developing story, but WIP's Howard Eskin is reporting that Cowboys backup MLB Ryan Fowler who had agreed to a deal with the Eagles has changed his mind and signed an offer sheet for the Tennessee Titans.

Apparently he had verbally agreed to a deal with the Eagles, but changed his mind last night and informed the Eagles that he was signing with the Titans. Earlier today the Eagles had curiously pulled a font page story about Fowler's signing off the front page of their official site.

This is also after his agent made this statement...

Tennessee was very competitive with Philadelphia. The offers were identical," agent Alan Herman said. "But in the end, Ryan decided to go to Philadelphia, because he thought that would be a better situation for him.

Am I the only one who finds this a bit funny? One day the guy is a backup/special teamer for the Cowboys and the next he's a got a mini bidding war for his services. He apparently didn't know how to handle it! Oh well, certainly not the biggest loss in the world. At least my amazement that the Eagles would be paying a backup LB for the Cowboys more this year($4 mil) than the Pats are paying Stallworth($3.6 mil) can go away... Hopefully this means it's more likely that Patrick Willis could be coming our way!

Update [2007-3-12 17:20:40 by BleedGreen]: Confirmed on the Titans official site.

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