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It's the defense. It's always been the defense.

Could Stallworth stop this guy?
Stallworth was not and is not the answer for next year

First thanks to Andrew for doing the work and comparing the scores from games Stallworth played and didn't.

The Eagles 3 highest scoring games of the year were all without Stallworth. He played in the Green Bay game, but barely and did nothing. He caught one ball before leaving the game injured.

They put up 31 and 24 against playoff teams without Stallworth. In fact, without Stallworth they never scored less than 21 points. Did we all forget that Donte was out for that epic first Dallas game?

With Stallworth, the Eagles had some games where they scored 6(Jax), 13(Ten), & 14(Was).

I'm not saying this to prove that Stallworth can't play or anything like that. I like Donte, he's a dynamic threat and I like what he did here. I've already said, for 1 year at $3.6 million I'm upset he is not back... but let's not lose sight of what was really this team's undoing last year. The defense. Keeping Stallworth was never the #1 priority for this year. The offense will be fine. This offense was good enough to stand the loss of it's starting QB. It will be fine.

The defense however, is another question. I'm not sure how good I think Lewis and & Hood were... but I do know that losing depth on an already bad defense is a scary thought. Against the pass, I'm not really worried but against the run this team was dreadful. It was the run defense that ultimately was their undoing and it will be again if it is not addressed. Only six teams gave up more yards per game on the ground than the Eagles. Let's not forget that the Saints ran for over 200 yards in the playoffs. It was not lack of offense that kept this team out of the NFC Title game...

Sure, Fowler brings some desperately needed size to this defense but he's an unknown... just like the rest of our LB corps at this point.

So if you want to bash the Eagles front office, fine. Just do it for the right reason. Losing Stallworth is not a big deal. Not fixing this defense, specifically against the run, IS a big deal.

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