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Stallworth, Hood gone; Edwards signs with Chiefs

Well it seems as though the reported Patriots offer wasn't real after all, but it was enough to   have Stallworth playing in Foxboro next year. Stallworth signed with the Pats for an interesting 6 year deal that could only be a one year deal...

Stallworth will receive an initial signing bonus of $1 million, a roster bonus of $1.6 million and a $300,000 workout bonus, to go along with his 2007 base salary of $700,000. That totals $3.6 million for the coming season.

It's after the 2007 season, however, when the really big money kicks in.

For the Patriots to retain Stallworth for the 2008 season, they must pay him an option bonus of $6 million by Feb. 25, 2008. There is a subsequent roster bonus of $2 million due on March 1, a second roster bonus of $1.6 million based on playing time, a base salary of $1 million and a $400,000 workout bonus. That totals an exorbitant $11 million for 2008, or a two-year total of $14.6 million.

To keep Stallworth for 2009, the Patriots would have to pay another option bonus, this one of $2 million, by Feb. 25 of that year. In terms of bonuses and base salary, the 2009 season would be worth $5 million to Stallworth, for a three-year total of $19.6 million.

It's essentially a one year deal that the Pats could get out of if Stallworth can't stay healthy. Conversely, if Stallworth has a huge year the Pats are likely going to have to restructure him or cut him. The thought behind it is that Stallworth could get an even bigger deal next offseason.

Count me as officially upset. If no one was going to pony up the giant long term deal for Stallworth, why is he not an Eagle? How is a 1 year $3.6 million dollar too much for them?  In fact, reports even said that the Eagles had offered a one year deal! How could they be so obsessed with saving a couple bucks here and there that they couldn't be the team that gets the one year deal done? I was ready to accept that a big 6 year, $30 million deal with $12 million guaranteed was too much to risk on Stallworth. But a 1 year $3.6 mil deal? Give me a break.

I'm struggling to understand why the Patriots, who have already won 2 superbowls under their current regime, feel the need to go all out for a title and the Eagles don't. Both teams won their division last year, both teams won a playoff game, both teams have some young players they hope could step up... but only one team is out there making moves like they are desperate for a title. The Eagles are not that team. So when this organization calls itself the "gold standard of the NFL" and then can't understand why we still aren't happy... this is why. I still think the Eagles will be a good team again next year and I still think they'll be the favorites to win the NFC East again... but that seems like enough for them. It's not enough for us fans.

Elswhere, Rod Hood signed with the Cardinals on a 5 year deal. I'm happy to hear Hood found a starting job, although I feel somewhat bad for him that it's in Arizona...

Another reported target of the Eagles was Chargers LB Donnie Edwards who signed with the Chiefs for a 3 year deal worth around $14 million.

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