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Eagles Free Agent News

No word on the Stallworth front as far as a contract goes, but PFT reporting that "Stallworth recently spoke directly with Philly coach Andy Reid." That's interesting...

William James thinks he going to win a starting job this year.

Exactly how does James, who says he turned down opportunities to start elsewhere for more money, plan on supplanting two corners secured to long-term deals after playing in only four games due to injury since first signing with the Eagles on Oct. 30?

"By playing better than one of them ... it's as simple as that," said James, slowed by back, calf and knee injuries over the last three seasons. "I know we have two established corners, but I feel like with a whole year, then training camp and spring (mini-camps) I'll be able to come in and show what I can do. Competition with Sheldon and Lito is going to make all of us better."

Frankly, I find that attitude refreshing. This guy is hungry and out there to prove something. While I don't think Sheldon was bad last year, I think he could use some healthy competition... Also who knows? It could lead to my master plan of Sheldon Brown being the Eagles next great FS...

The Eagles also attended the Rutgers pro day to check out RB Brian Leonard.

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