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Redskins fans rejoice!

No one beats the Redskins in March
It's that time of year again when you can break out your hog noses and your moms' dress and wear your Redskin pride! Free agency is here and I'm putting my money on you guys winning it all again!

In only a few short hours you guys get to be the envy of all the NFL as "Mr March" Dan Snyder works his magic one more time! What are guys like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning doing right now? Just sitting around watching TV! LOL! While they're wasting time "resting" during the "offseason" with their "superbowl rings" Snyder and the skins are in midseason form! His masterful March pen strokes are like a Joe Montana pass in January. He drives the free agents in from the airport much John Elway drove his team down the field in that fateful AFC title game so many years ago. If NFL Films were smart and cared about what really mattered, they'd set up cameras in the Redskins' front office and record the action 24/7! You want chills? Set that footage to some "Autumn Thunder" music and have Harry Kalas describe the action... It makes me want to run to my office and write some checks just thinking about it! What kid doesn't dream of lacing up those wingtips and pulling on those suspenders to lead his team to March glory? Not any true blue American kid, that's for sure!

As for us Eagles fans... looks like another March of disappointment. The Skins are once again going to run away with the Free agency crown and we have to wait around until September AGAIN for our time to shine...

Oh well.

Congrats Redskins! A humble Eagles fan.

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