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"Unamed Sources" Love to talk!

Us Eagles fans have certainly become painfully aware of how stories can start to snowball when those throngs of "unnamed sources" start talking... That said, I still get a kick of reading what they have to say. I came across a few blind items that I got a kick out of.

The first is from PFT and takes a little explaining. I didn't really report this because it basically wasn't news, but Vai Sikahema, who is a mormon like Reid and friends with the family, speculated that he wouldn't be surprised to see Andy Reid step down as Eagles coach or take a lesser role in the organization in the wake of his sons' troubles. He even said he had not spoken to Reid and this was just speculation, but a few sites picked it up as if it was real... Anyway, it led to this chatter from unnamed sources.

There's persistent talk in league circles that Bucs coach Jon Gruden is hoping to become the head coach of the Eagles if/when Andy Reid packs it in.

And given the current travails of Reid's sons, which are prompting all sorts of speculation that Reid might call it quits, Gruden's opportunity could come sooner rather than later.

But let's be clear.  We're not reporting that Reid is out, or that if he's out Gruden is in.  All we're saying is that the talk in league circles is that Gruden wants the job, if/when the job comes open.

I must say that if Andy ever did leave, Gruden would be at the top of my list for a successor. I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear he'd like the Eagles job if it ever became open.

Another source is talking to Gary Cobb about former Eagles LB coach and current Giants Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

Speaking of the Giants, I've had a number of NFL people tell me, they think former Eagles linebacker coach and current Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo stepped into a hole in the ground by taking that job. They all pointed out that Couglin was on a short leash and that most of the time if the head coach gets the axe then so do his assistants. They also questioned whether Spanuolo is even ready for the job.

Very interesting... and good news for those of us hoping the Eagles can hold onto this division title for a few more years. Earlier in that article G quotes Tiki Barber at the pro bowl, where he tore into Coughlin. It basically seems like Coughlin is never going to regain the locker room and pretty much proves that the Giants made a mistake by keeping Coughlin for another year.

And just a site news note. This weekend we will be delving into the NFL Draft for the first time this year with a huge list of mock drafts to check out!

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