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Cowboys hire off the old boy network

It looks like any day now the Cowboys will name Wade Phillips as their new head coach. Phillips is currently the Chargers defensive coordinator and will take his fourth shot at being a head coach in Dallas. Actually he was the interim head coach in ATL once, making this his technically his fifth HC job. You may remember Wade Phillips when he was in Philly under Buddy Ryan... With so many young, up and coming coaches getting jobs and being successful it's interesting that Dallas would look to someone off the old boys network like Phillips. Maybe the fourth times a charm?

On the positive side for them, Phillips knows the 3-4 defense well and therefore Dallas won't have to completely rebuild their personnel to run his system. The Dallas defense was pretty bad down the stretch last year and Wade's primary job is certainly to turn that around.

On the positive side for us... Wade Phillips has never won a playoff game in his three previous stops as a head coach. He is credited with one of the dumbest post season coaching decisions of all time when he inserted Rob Johnson as his playoff starter even though Doug Flutie had led the Bills to a 10-6 record and gotten them a playoff spot.

So the Cowboys have hired a retread defensive minded head coach(albiet a damn good defensive mind) and a very inexperienced offensive coordinator in Jason Garrett, who as the QB coach in Miami did nothing to show he can develop a young QB. Jerry Jones has certainly not put his beleaguered young QB Tony Romo in the greatest position to succeed...

Maybe the best news of this signing comes from former Eagles and Cowboys LB Gary Cobb who played under Wade Phillips when he was coaching the LBs on Buddy Ryan's staff. G says that TO "will run all over" Phillips.

I see major problems ahead when Phillips has to deal with Terrell Owens. I think Owens is going to run all over the former New Orleans Saints and Buffalo Bills head coach. Wade is terrible when it comes to being a disciplinarian because he's an aw shucks type who is soft spoken and likes to be close to his players. He's the classic players coach, who can also be labeled as an "old school coach" who likes mature players who know how to discipline themselves. I see major problems ahead for Wade.

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