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Jeff Garcia rumors

Sam Donnellon has a piece in the DN about some possible landing places for Jeff Garcia next year. 'Nello, as I like to call him, thinks Garcia would look great in a Bears uniform.

After what you saw from Rex Grossman on Sunday night, wouldn't you ante up for an experienced, three-time Pro Bowler who just proved that with the proper blocking and offensive balance, he can efficiently move a team down the field and avoid the absolutely horrendous decisions your previous starting quarterback made repeatedly during the Chicago Bears' march - OK, more like a forward stumble - to the Super Bowl?

Garcia to the Bears would certainly make more sense than this McNabb to the Bears craziness on Windy City Gridiron yesterday... Of course, there has been no real rumors about a Garcia move to the Bears just a lot of media types speculating that it would make sense... Although, Garcia seemed interested.

"That's a team that is really put together well defensively and offensively,'' Garcia said. "That is a situation where you have to be honest with yourself and take a look at it. I'm not going to lie. That would be a situation that would make me think about certain things. Whether that happens or not, we'll have to see.'

The real hot rumors surfacing are that both the Vikings and Broncos could be preparing to make a bid for him. The Panthers are also said to be interested. Some people are even reporting that the Vikes are set to offer as much as $4 million a year. It's hard to say where Jeff would be better off. Certainly if someone offers him 4 million a year for 2-4 years, it probably won't matter how good the team is. He would, and should take that deal. That said, Denver could be the perfect situation. A good team, with weapons on offense and a good defense that with the right QB could certainly contend for a title. The problem in Denver is that they just spent a first round pick on Jay Cutler. While Cutler was up and down last year when he did get into the starting lineup, he'll still get every opportunity to win the job even if Jeff signs there. Were Jeff to sign in Minnesota, you'd have to guess he'd open the season as the starter. As far as the Panthers are concerned... he'd be there as no more than insurance for Delhomme, in which case why not just stay in Philly?

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