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No Eagles left in the Pro Bowl

Not that I was going to watch the pro bowl anyway... but any chance I'd even check in on it went away with the news that the lone remaining Eagle left, Brian Dawkins, has decided not to attend.

In all the Eagles have 3 players on the roster, with 2 starters in Shawn Andrews and Brian Dawkins. Lito Sheppard was also on the team. However, an elbow injury in the Giants game ruled Lito out of the pro bowl, a neck injury in the Saints game ruled Andrews out, and some lingering back and hip soreness has ruled Dakwins out of the game.

It would have been cool to see some Eagles in the game, but it's not really a big deal. I'd much rather see them sit out such a useless affair than risk any type of re-aggravation to the injuries they already have...

Update [2007-2-6 17:26:20 by BleedGreen]: I'm hearing now that the real reason Dawk has skipped the pro bowl is because his wife, Connie, is pregnant and could have their child very soon. Maybe you miss the birth of your child for a playoff game, but not the pro bowl. Cash your bonus check for being named to the team and enjoy the birth of your child Dawk!

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