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Eagles the NFL's lovable losers?

I brought this up after the superbowl that now that the Colts won it all, are the Eagles the most successful team in recent memory to not win it all?

I gotta give full credit to BGN member Andrew who illustrated the point in much greater detail. This is what he posted in the comments on the superbowl post. I felt it deserved some front page love...

Well, if the Titans and Raiders hadn't gone in the tank the past couple of years, they could have still been there in the lovable winning losers club with our beloved Eagles.  As it is, we'll just have to be satisfied with the company of the Broncos as teams averaging 10 wins or more per season for 7 years, and ignore their Super Bowl wins in 1997 and 1998.

Wins since 2000:

Colts - 76 - 1 SB Win
Patriots - 75 - 3 SB Wins
Eagles - 75 - 1 SB Loss
Steelers - 72.5 - 1 SB Win
Broncos - 70
Ravens - 67 - 1 SB Win
Packers - 65
Rams - 65 - 1 SB Loss
Seahawks - 63 - 1 SB Loss

I think the thing to take away from the Colts and Steelers finally winning is that persistence will ultimately pay off.  They've been at this since 1999, and it took them 8 tries at the playoffs.  The Steelers with Cowher had been at it since 1992, and it took them 11 tries at the playoffs.  It took Elway and the Broncos 9 tries.  It took the Raiders under Rauch and Madden 9 tries.

Its actually more unusual to have a run like the Levy-Kelly-Thomas-Reed Bills of the late 1980's and early 1990's - 8 times in the playoffs in 9 years and 4 Super Bowl appearances and 5 AFC Championship game appearances - and never win the big game.  The simultaneous run of the Chiefs from 1990 to 1997 isn't really comparable since they only made 1 championship game in 7 playoff appearances in 8 years.

If the Reid-McNabb Eagles can continue to be good, they will likely eventually win.

One of the reasons the Eagles Nation is great is that we have people with knowledge and passion. Everyone who participates in this site is a part of that. Thanks a ton! Also a reminder, if anyone has something to say that I don't talk about or wants to further expound on it, don't hesitate to click on the "post diary" link up on the right and make your own entry. There's no doubt the rest of the community and I would love to read it.

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