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Post Super Bowl thoughts

Well a fairly large event took place in football last night... the superbowl. While our Eagles weren't in it, I'm sure we all watched it. So anyone have some thoughts?

I had a couple.

  • If there has ever been a more joyless person to win a superbowl than Peyton Manning, let me know who it is. I don't need him to be TO and celebrate everytime he does anything, but I'd just like for once to see Manning act like a human being. He wins the superbowl and without so much of a smile on his face he starts into the same pre-rehearsed, standard "The team played hard, I'm happy to be part of the team" speech. I swear he almost slipped and said he was looking forward to getting back to practice for next week... Just BE HAPPY!
  • Speaking of QBs who played last night... Did Rex Grossman play the worst game a superbowl QB has in a long time? He just did so much bad without doing anything good. Thinking back, the only real decent play the Bear's offense had all game was the 50+ yard Thomas Jones run. Their other TD came on the Hester kickoff return to start the game. The Colts just stacked up against the run and dared Rex to go deep. It was almost uncomfortable to watch because you could see on his face that by the second half, the kid knew he had no shot. If the Bears can find a real QB this offseason, I think they'll be damn near unbeatable next year. They have everything else...
  • How great was it to watch a superbowl with weather? I loved it. Sure, it wasn't snow but it was still cool to see guys out there getting dirty. These dome or sunny day superbowls just don't have the same character.
  • Commercials? Meh. Not bad, but not really one that stood out as great. The Bud Light Rock, Paper, Scissors one was good, as was the one with the auctioneer doing the wedding. I liked the NFL network one, especially when the Boston accent fan asked David Beckham, "So you're a professional football player, for LA?" Not sure how many people got the joke, but I laughed. The Doritos commercial that won their contest was also very good.
  • Colts Win, what does it mean for the Eagles. Over the past few years, I've seen parallels between the Colts and Eagles. They were both the teams that were consistently good, always in the postseason, but could never get over the hump. They both had the QB that was great but had that "can't win the big game" stigma. Now they've won. The paralells are gone. The Steelers were also a team like that. They had an off year here and there, but always seem to hang around and get into the postseason. They eventually got their superbowl under Cowher... When is our chance? We've missed the playoffs what? Twice under Andy Reid? Every other year, we've been in "the tournament" and only once got to the big game and still haven't won it. I really found myself wanting the Colts to lose more for this reason than any other. I didn't want to be the only team that's always there and never wins. Is there any other team now that has made the playoffs as many times as us in the past 6 years and not won it all?  
  • Halftime Show? I liked it. Prince can flat out wail, I thought the medley stuff was cool, overall I thought he did a good job. How great was it to see a halftime show without the stupid obligatory guest appearances by whatever taste of the moment bugglegum pop act is hot right now? Just one great performer up there doing his thing.
  • The coverage was among the worst I've ever seen. Let's not even discuss how bad Phil Simms is. That's not news. Nantz is a terrible football guy as well, I like him doing other things but football is just not his thing. CBS had sound cutting out, the cameras were all drenched and hazy. Half the game was filmed with drops and condensation all over the camera. We've all watched games in the rain on TV, it was never that bad. Do FOX cameramen have towels and CBS cameramen don't? Very glad that they won't be getting the superbowl for another couple years....

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