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Mikell & Thomas deals done?

Update [2007-2-27 17:12:58 by BleedGreen]: The NFL network is reporting that Mikell has resigned with the Eagles on a 4 year deal.

Free agency starts Friday and many sources have said for the past few weeks that the Eagles top priorities are to resign safety Quintin Mikell & DE Juqua Thomas. When asked about JT becoming a free agent, Andy Reid even went so far as to say "I don't like losing lineman."

Les Bowen even insinuated in the Daily News that a deal could be almost finished...

A team source confirmed yesterday that under arcane NFL rules, since Thomas played last season for the NFL veteran minimum, he is prohibited from signing with his current team until free agency starts.

This is a technicality, of course. The team and agent Kennard McGuire can privately come to terms this week, as long as they don't sign the contract or announce they've reached an agreement.

Bowen also went to reiterate what just about every media source has for a few weeks now that the Eagles will not try to bring back WR Donté Stallworth.

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