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New SBN Football Blogs

Some exciting news here at SBN as we've announced several new football blogs that have come on board in recent weeks. First, we've completed the NFC East with the debut of Big Blue View, a NY football Giants blog. Also this week saw the debut of Buc Em', who is dedicated to following the Tampa Bay Bucs. We also filled out the Bay area teams with Silver and Black Pride(Raiders) and the very well done Niners Nation 49ers blog. In addition we just recently brought on Battle Red Blog representing that team that always makes the rest of us look good, the Houston Texans.

This should mean for some fun stuff here on SBN going forward as these communities continue to grow. How fun was it to taunt our pals at Blogging The Boys after sweeping Dallas this year? How great would it have been to have a Giants community to read Giant's fans commiserating after this year's playoff loss?

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