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McNabb press conference

Donovan McNabb spoke to the local media for the first time since his injury at a charity even this weekend. As usual the guy was class all the way and came off as the kind of comfortable team guy he's always been.

Specifically, he spoke about Reid's troubles and the prospect of Garcia starting next year.

On Reid

McNabb, rehabbing his surgically repaired right knee, said he hopes everything turns out well for Reid, who is taking a one-month leave of absence to deal with his sons' legal problems.

"We all support him," McNabb said Saturday in his first comments about Reid's family problems. "I just continue to pray for him that everything will turn out for the best."

Reid's sons Garrett, 23, and Britt, 21, are facing separate legal issues.

McNabb said it has been a while since he has spoken to Reid, but that he has sent text messages and left phone messages.

On Jeff Garcia

While McNabb is still hopeful of beginning next season as the Eagles' starting quarterback, he said he'd be content to let Garcia start if he's not ready to play. That is, if the Eagles re-sign the unrestricted free agent.

"I'm a big supporter of Jeff, and I've always said that," McNabb said. "I'm all for Jeff to be back, first and foremost. He's a great guy, a great player and he does great things for this team.

"I won't have a problem with Jeff being out there if I'm not able to go."

On his injury

"We've been rehabbing every day and just making strides," he said. "It's kind of hard to say if I'm ahead of schedule or right on schedule because we're still at that beginning stage.

"The knee is getting stronger."

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