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Has the end already come for Trotter?

Is it time to go?

We all love Jeremiah Trotter. He's big, he's mean, he's a leader, and he connects with this city's fans like only a handful of athletes do.

That said, there's no doubting that Trotter has slowed down. His knees have started to betray him and more than one pundit has said that the time for replacing Trotter isn't coming soon, it's here now. I'm one of the biggest Trotter fans there is, but I'm feeling like it's time to face facts. The play where he let Duce McCallister run right around him on the edge for a TD in the playoffs isn't just a rare bad play... it's becoming the norm. The guy stills gives everything he has every game, but he's at the point where just may not have enough to give.

It's not just pundits that are saying it either. Jim Johnson gave us a rare glimpse into his thoughts about Trotter after the Saints loss.

Middle linebacker Jeremiah Trotter's future also is uncertain. Defensive coordinator Jim Johnson acknowledged after the Eagles' playoff loss to the Saints that Trotter, who didn't have a very good season and whose knees have begun to betray him, "can't play too many plays" anymore.

Combine that with the fact that his cap number jumps to $2.6 million next year and the possibility of the Eagles parting ways with Trotter looks more and more likely. Former Eagles LB G Cobb also weighed in on the situation.

At Mike backer or the middle linebacker spot is Jeremiah Trotter, who has been a true warrior for quite a few years in the middle of the Eagles defense and is very popular in the area. His legs no longer let him make the plays he used to make. Jeremiah could still play if the game were confined to a 5 to 10 yard radius, but we all know that's not the case. Old legs don't get younger, they get older". When your legs go, you go. That's why I'm writing this and not playing. I saw a dramatic decline in Trotter's movement and his ability to close on the ball carrier. Plays which used to be routine, he can no longer make. I noticed that he can't finish a play when a lineman attacks him low near his knees. That's the sign of a player whose legs are hurting.

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