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Stallworth News... kinda

Should he stay or should he go?
Donte Stallworth was on Daily News Live last night as well as the Best Damn Sports Show Period and basically gave us the same lines he's been giving since the season ended. He reiterated that his "top priority" to be re-sign with the Eagles and stay in Philadelphia. He again gave indications that he was open to negotiations and that it may not take the absolute highest bid to keep him here.

He also talked about how people always bring up his hamstrings, but said that he missed no games the previous two years and has been seeing a specialist that Eagles trainer Rick Burkhalter recommended. He also said he's looking for a 5-6 year deal.

However, he also again talked about how he owed it to himself to test the free agent waters. There's reportedly been some talk that the Patriots, Packers, and 49ers would be interested in getting Stallworth's services. The Patriots just aren't going to give big money to a WR. They've proved that time and time again. The Packers are reportedly looking to make Adalius Thomas or any other pass rusher their top priority. They may still go after Stallworth, but are not quite the team that is going to get Donte the playoff trips he says are important to him. The 49ers are probably the biggest threat to outbid the Eagles. They have a TON of cap room to burn and seem like and up and coming young team.

In other Stallworth news, he and Jeff Garcia will be guests on the NFL network tonight at 7p E.

I suppose it's not surprising to see a free agent out in the media so much shopping himself, but it really seems like Stallworth is doing some negotiating through the press here. I really do get the feeling that he'd like to be back here and he's almost begging the Eagles to make him a fair offer. My guess is that they've made him a very incentive laden deal that depends on him being healthy. It's likely alot like TO's deal where they could get out of it in a year or two with little or no cap hit if Stallworth can't stay healthy. He clearly wants a little more guaranteed money.

Any thoughts? Is he the kind of guy you spend big money on to keep here?

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