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Banner Press Conference

Joe Banner "It's all good"
Banner's press conference

He did not want to call this a "leave of absence." Andy will be available for most all of his duties and still will have final say on personnel manners. Essentially he will be out of the office, but still available for whatever the team needs.

If a free agent comes in for a visit, Andy will be available for that.(Free agency starts March

Banner had been in contact with Andy regularly after the news about his sons broke and that this was a mutually agreed upon decision.

He said that lists have already been made as far as free agents go, pre draft stuff has been compiled and coaches are evaluating it all.

Tom Heckert and Jason Licht are the guys who compile the draft boards in the first place and will be at the combines as usual.

The main thing Andy will miss that he normally is involved in right now is one on one player interviews at the combine. Heckert will be there and will handle the evaluations, but any players Andy would have talked to will be invited to Philly for a meeting.

He reiterated that the infrastructure is in place and the schedule for the offseason is already intact. He seemed to want to make the point that this will not change or derail any plans they already had. Everyone knows their duties, they've done them for several years now, and will do them this year. Andy will be available for whatever the team or his staff need from him, he's still in charge, he just won't be in the office for the month.

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