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Reid takes leave of abscence

Well, turns out the piece on Tom Heckert this morning was kinda prophetic...

As per the Eagles website Andy Reid has taken a leave of absence from the team until mid march. Here is the press release.

Philadelphia Eagles President Joe Banner today announced that Andy Reid will take a leave of absence from his duties as head coach/executive vice president of football operations in order to attend to personal matters involving his family. The leave of absence will last until approximately mid-March 2007. At that point, Reid will return to his regular duties with the Eagles.

Joe Banner will be doing a press conference today at 1:30. I'll post highlights from that up when it happens.

This move is not unexpected and completely understandable. Family is more important than football and it's only right that Andy take the time he needs to tend to his family right now.

As far as what happens to the team now... Free agency is 3 weeks away and the draft is over a month away. That means Andy will not be with the organization when free agency kicks off. He'll also miss alot of draft preparation. I would think that those responsibilities will fall to Tom Heckert. It'll be very interesting to see if the Joe Banner addresses this. Someone has to be at the reigns during the most important time of the offseason, hopefully that's Heckert.

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