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Stallworth saying all the right things

He still admits that's he going to test the market, but he seems to be saying everything short "Will you just make me a decent offer and I'll sign it!" To Jo banner and co.

Bob Brookover caught some quotes from Stallworth while Donte was down in Miami for the Superbowl.

So where's he going next? The wide receiver said yesterday that he hopes the answer to that question is "back to Philadelphia."

"I hope they want me back," Stallworth said at the Miami Beach Convention Center, after he and New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees completed an interview with the VH1 network.

He goes on...

Stallworth said the Eagles don't necessarily have to match the highest offer.

"I think they've talked a little bit to Drew [Rosenhaus]," Stallworth said. "I'm sure there are going to be teams that offer me more, but in my case, it's not going to be all about the money. I want to make sure I'm in a place that has a chance to win a Super Bowl year in and year out, and everything was perfect for me in Philadelphia. I've been loving it ever since I've been there... and I definitely plan on being there."

That said, Stallworth conceded that he plans to listen to offers from other teams when the free agency period begins next month.

"I think I'd be cheating myself and my family if I didn't at least see what other opportunities were out there," said Stallworth, who is 26. "But I have all intentions of being an Eagle next year."

The money, of course, surely will have a major influence on Stallworth's final decision, but he is sincere about wanting to remain with the Eagles. Stallworth said he is spending this weekend with teammate Brian Westbrook, who arrived on South Beach yesterday.

"Those are my boys," he said. "I had a good time with those guys and I loved playing with them."

Okay, okay I know we've heard this before. Everyone says they want to be back before they get the huge offer elsewhere... Still, Donte seems to really be campaigning for the Eagles to bring him back. They'll have to pony up some cash, but if he's willing to give a discount I'd take it.

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