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Eagles lose 16-13

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Well it appears we've settled in to a nice little losing streak here. That makes 3 in a row and the flaws in this team are painfully obvious at this point.

Like 2 virgins trying to have sex

All credit to my brother for that description of today's game. I really feel for any neutral observer that was forced to actually watch that game. The game ended in a somewhat exciting manner but it really was an awful game to watch. Two basically below average offenses making one mistake after another... Certainly if you were a fan of kicking you got a nice treat today with lots of punts and several very nice ones! Plus plenty of field goals! It's bad enough that the Eagles can't win, but they can't even entertain us.

The offensive problem

So it's not the running game that's the problem. Westbrook had a fine day on the ground running for 116 yards averaging almost 6 per carry. The playcalling wasn't really a problem either, although that run on 3rd and 5 didn't make much sense. The run/pass ratio was 28/34(including 4 McNabb scrambles). Not a big deal there. Pressure wasn't really the problem, I thought McNabb had plenty of time today and the times he was sacked were all after he had ran out of the pocket. McNabb's injuries weren't an issue since he was moving better than I've seen him move all year.

The problem was Donovan McNabb was not seeing any open receivers. Whether he was not seeing them because none were open or whether he just wasn't finding the open guys I do not know. A few times FOX showed replays where they showed one or two guys covered but we never actually saw. Maybe if someone was at the game they could give us their thoughts on that. The one thing I do wonder though is how there were open receivers the last two weeks but none this week. The Giants were without both starting safeties and most Giant fans will tell you it's not as if they have shutdown corners anyway. Someone needs to answer the question why the QB was looking downfield and not seeing anything. It's the most important question facing this offense and maybe this team headed into this offseason

No interceptions, surprised?

Before this game I said something had to give. You had a QB leading the NFL in picks facing a team dead last in picks. Well, something did give and the Eagles weren't able to pick off Manning even once. To be fair, the defense did force some turnovers in the form of two Brandon Jacobs fumbles. Jacobs in general had a day he'd like to forget. However, in the end it was the pass that beat them with Plaxico Burress once again doing basically whatever he wanted against the Eagles secondary. Pressure-wise, the Eagles were able to bring it in the first half but not the second. It's wasn't an altogether poor job by the defense but it was typically inconsistent.

Special Teams, sigh

I really can't repeat myself enough about how hapless this unit is. Once again the Eagles return game does absolutely nothing and the opposition has a nice kick return of 35 yards a nice punt return of 27 yards. They don't tackle well, they don't take good angles, they don't block well... There's really nothing that they do do well. There really needs to be a top to bottom overhaul.