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5 Questions with the Giants part 2

Time for round two of the 5 questions with a Giants blogger. This time around with Ed of Big Blue View. You check out my answers to his queries right here.

BGN - Going into the year I think the Giants biggest question mark was how they'd replace Tiki Barber. It appears that thanks to injuries they've more or less done it by committee. Have you been satisfied with Tiki's replacements and do you think the Giants will look to add a back in the draft?

I doubt it, though I'm sure if a guy they love falls to them they will take him. Jacobs and Ward are both young guys, though they seem to take turns getting hurt. The guy to watch out for is Ahmad Bradshaw. He is a rookie 7th round pick and has begun making on impact on kickoff returns and getting a few snaps out of the backfield. He might end up being better than all of them.

Working in the New York area and reading your site, the great debate surrounding the Giants now seems to be over the future of Eli Manning. It seems to me that the talk is getting more negative than positive lately. What's your take on Eli and his future?

Ugh! You're gonna make me spend energy on a Friday thinking about Eli? Anyway, I think Giants fans have come to the realization that Eli will never be the immortal QB then-GM Ernie Accorsi promised us when he traded for him. We will settle for good, and who knows if he will ever get there? As tremendous as he looks at time, like in the fourth quarter last Sunday against the Bears, there are still too many bad decisions and off-target throws. In the end, warts and all, I think Eli is probably in the middle of the pack among starting QBs with a chance to get better.

It seems that the Giants are once again in a year where they start well and struggle late. Was the Minnesota game a sign that it's all about to go horribly wrong or was it just a hiccup?

Well, for 3.5 quarters last Sunday against the Bears I would have opted for the 'horribly wrong' answer. That's how I felt sitting on my couch watching the game. But, then they scored two late TDs, won a game they had no business winning and are 8-4 and clearly in control of a playoff spot. As I keep telling Big Blue View readers, there is a lot to feel good about. It would be nice to win a playoff game for a change, though.

I talked to you earlier this year about what Tom Coughlin would have to do to save his job. As I remember you seemed torn over whether another playoff appearance was enough. Where are you on that now?

Well, I think Coughlin has done a really exceptional job this season. His demeanor has been different, his interaction with the players has been better and he has the respect of the locker room. I'd be stunned at this point if he doesn't get a contract extension. That said, were the Giants to lose their next four games then fail to be competitive in a playoff game all bets would be off. I don't sense that happening, though.

Brian Westbrook has been a bit of a Giants killer over the years and he missed the last matchup between these 2 teams. How do you think the Giants D will plan to slow him down?

Westbrook is a tremendous player -- he scares me as much as any player the Giants play against. I don't know about a specific plan, but the Giants have been good against the run for most of the season. Really, all you can do is hope to make tackles out in open space, because he will get the ball and he will have opportunities. The only other thing you can do is bring a heavy blitz package and force him to be a blocker. That is how teams used to try and take Tiki Barber out of the Giants' passing scheme.

Much thanks to Ed from Big Blue View. Definitely check out his site for all things Giants leading up to this weekend's big NFC East clash.