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Reminder: Eagles play the Giants Sunday

I came to a bit of a realization today. Between all the hand wringing over the way the Eagles have played the last few games, the AJ Feeley  v McNabb stuff, the McNabb injury stuff, the playcalling stuff ect... we forgot that we have a big game this weekend. A rivalry game. A look around many of the Eagles beat writers, the bloggers(myself included), and a listen to the radio and frankly there just hasn't been all that much Giants talk this week. All we've done is rant about the season as a whole and debate over the future of the franchise. When the Eagles were good this wasn't the case. We'd have building up to this game all week and picking apart every little aspect of it. Not this year. This year we're spending Thursday and Friday analyzing whether the Eagles pass too much.

Now that stuff all has its place and is certainly important, but it's Friday now and we have the stinkin' Giants coming down the turnpike to our house. Eli Manning, Plaxico Burress, Strahan. We hate these guys!

So let's save the other stuff for next week and go full steam ahead on a big rivalry game. Whether or not the Eagles have a shot at the playoffs, these games still mean something regardless. It's about pride, it's about being able to gloat to your friend from North Jersey!

Be sure to check back later because I'll going to have 2 interviews with Giants bloggers coming up later today and on Saturday.

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