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Good news on the injury front

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For some reason I had actually forgotten how beat up the Eagles were the last time they faced the Giants. I believe they were missing 5 starters which included Lito, Dawkins, Westbrook, and Thomas all of which are former pro bowlers... This time, it appears the Eagles are getting healthier.

McNabb says he's ready. Ready to play that is... Ready for the reception? Well, you tell me what this means.

"I do feel like I'm ready to play," McNabb said before heading off to practice, which was moved indoors because of a light snowfall.

As a team coming off a pair of disappointing losses with A.J. Feeley directing the offense, one would expect McNabb to receive almost a hero's welcome. That's no sure thing, however, because some fans were calling for McNabb's ouster when the Eagles struggled early-on.

Asked whether he thought he would be more appreciated when the Eagles take on NFC East rival New York on Sunday, McNabb jokingly replied, "Probably not."

Later, his tone got more serious, saying his past success speaks for itself and winning games is his goal.

"It's really none of my concern," McNabb said of crowd reaction. "I can't waste my energy worrying about how people feel about me.

"I don't have anything to prove. I've proven a lot through my career. ... There is nothing I can possibly do, at this particular point, besides win ball games, for me to make people feel some type of way or to feel better about me being in there. I don't get caught up in it, put it that way."

Quintin Mikell could be back as well. That's important because I think JR Reed struggled against the Seahawks. He can lay a hit on someone but really tends to get lost in coverage at times.

On defense, safety Quintin Mikell could be back on the field this weekend after missing the last two games with a sprained MCL. Mikell practiced fully on Wednesday.

"It looks like he feels pretty good," said head coach Andy Reid. "We'll see how he does."