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Cue the insanity

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It really is amazing how a bad season can really send people off the deep end, especially the Philadelphia writers. The latest? Nick Fierro from The Express-Times(anyone know where that is?) who suggest the Eagles should trade Brian Westbrook.

Wondering aloud about this fine football mess in Philadelphia leads to a shocking but legitimate question: If the Eagles really are fixing to trade quarterback Donovan McNabb after this season, wouldn't they be better off trading Brian Westbrook as well?

I mean, how many more real quality years does he have left? An indisputable history of violence against running backs in the NFL suggests maybe two. The pounding is just too intense, especially for a 5-foot-8 body, to absorb too much longer without cracking for good.

Heck, the guy can't even practice anymore. Not a good sign.

If the Sixers, err, Eagles install Kevin Kolb as their starting quarterback, Westbrook is almost certain to be on a serious decline, if not out of football altogether, by the time this team is ready to make another bona fide Super Bowl run.

Westbrook's prime is just being wasted here. It's painful watching him continue to do what he does for a losing team that's going to have to get worse before it gets better.


Let's ignore the fact that in the NFL it's not at all uncommon to see a team go from worst to first. Last year the Saints went from a 3-13 record to the NFC title game. The Eagles went from 6-10 to a division title. This year's version may well be the Cleveland Browns. It really doesn't take years to build a contender in this league.

But let's forget that.

Let's focus on a little thing that I happen to think is somewhat important to a football team. The fans. In the end sports is entertainment and we watch it to see guys like Brian Westbrook do great things. Whether it's return a punt 60 yards or score the winning touchdown on a spectacular run against the Redskins. The draft pick bounty in return for a guy like Westbrook will never equal what's lost on the field. Remember that Marshall Faulk was traded for a 2nd round pick. Willis McGahee was traded for a 3rd and 7th rounder. The days of the Cowboys trading Herschel Walker for a million picks and setting up their franchise for years to come is over.

The team will likely have over $30 million in cap space this offseason, all their draft picks, as well as several compensatory picks from free agents that left last year. In other words, they have more than enough chips to rebuild the team already. Plus, let's remember that the team has been rebuilding for the past 2 years anyway. There's only a handful of 30+ starters on this team as is... Trading Westbrook is NOT the answer. Use the money, use the picks you have and try to put a winner on the field. In the meantime, let us enjoy watching watching one of the most exciting players to wear the Eagle green for a few more years.