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McNabb to practice

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Donovan McNabb expects to be back this weekend, Andy Reid expects him back this weekend... and it's looking like he will.

Head coach Andy Reid said on Monday that quarterback Donovan McNabb is expected to make his return to the practice field for the first time in over two weeks on Wednesday as the Eagles prepare for Sunday's game against the New York Giants.

"He should be back for Wednesday's practice," said Reid. "I would say that last week, he worked as hard as you could possibly work having an injury to make sure he kept his timing up. I thought he moved around well last week. As the week went on, he got a little bit better. I think the couple days of rest here have helped him.

"I've seen him come off of injuries before and play pretty well. I expect him to do that."

He's basically our only shot now... Shot at what? I have no idea.