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McNabb and injuries

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When the Eagles drafted Kevin Kolb after yet another season that saw yet another Donovan McNabb season ending injury, it became obvious that the Eagles were concerned about his ability to stay healthy.

I think even the most ardent McNabb supporters would have agreed before this season that if he were to get hurt again then enough would be enough. However, if he got through the season healthy then I think most of us would agree that he earned another year.

Of course, it just can't be that simple. Heading into week 14, the season ending injury hasn't happened... but he hasn't stayed healthy either. Thumb and ankle injuries have kept him out of the past two games. Is that enough to say he still hasn't beaten the injury bug? I'm really torn on this one and frankly the way he plays over the next 4 games is going to go a long way in making up my mind.

So what do you think? If McNabb comes back next week and finishes the year healthy how do we classify it? Is this a healthy year or another in the long line of injury plauged years?


Was this latest injury the last straw?

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