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Monday Morning Media Roundup - Pile on Feeley

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After a dismal 4 INT performance where he completed less than 50% of his passes, the calls for AJ have gone quiet and the Philly media has taken the opportunity to pile on. Frankly, I can't say I blame them...

First, Andy Reid was as candid in his post game press conference as he's ever been

Given some of the other things the coach said, it's a lock. Things like, "You've got to know where he's at," when he was asked if Tatupu was masking coverage. Or things like, "They were very simple in their coverage. We just didn't take care of business with the football."

Or this doozy, when asked if he wanted Feeley to "stay aggressive in the passing game" following Tatupu's first of three interceptions:

"I wanted to make sure he threw it to our team," Reid said. "I didn't want him to throw it to the other team."

Sam Donnellon | Feeley throws away any chance of starting

Yesterday, in a 28-24 there-for-the-taking loss to the Seattle Seahawks, it was A.J. who impeded the offense, imploded it, really. He threw four interceptions - three to the same guy in roughly the same quadrant, two that led to itty-bitty Seattle touchdown drives, a final one that sprinkled anthrax all over what could have been a fairy-dust finish.

Rich Hofmann | Only the Don of an old era can help now

THE GRASS ISN'T always greener, even when it is newly arrived from a sod farm. This, the people of Philadelphia have learned - if not by A.J. Feeley's third interception, then certainly by his fourth. Hours later, in the dark of the autumn night, a cold and miserable rain was still falling over Lincoln Financial Field, the precipitation playing in the lights. It was more dripping than dropping, if that makes any sense. Everybody was gone.

The detritus of defeat lay on the Eagles' sideline, and in their dressing room. What do you say when Feeley, The People's Choice, has just thrown away a football game? Because that is what he did.

Paul Domowitch's Eagles-Seahawks Report Card

A.J. Feeley threw four of the worst interceptions you're ever going to see, including two that set up first-half Seahawk touchdowns and another with 14 seconds left that shot dead a comeback chance. In his two starts, he has averaged an interception every 12 attempts.

Grade: F (only because there's nothing lower)

Mark Eckel | Feeley is no savior for Birds

All the people, who still want A.J. Feeley to be the Eagles starting quarterback, raise your hand. Lofa Tatupu put your hand down.

The myth that is Feeley, or for that matter any career backup quarterback, being better than a nine-year starter with five trips to the Pro Bowl -- or as the chic phrase around here was: "more efficient running the offense" -- ended yesterday.

GONG! Feeley's time is over

Whatever uncertainty anyone may have had about which quarterback is more fit to run the Eagles' offense should have been squelched for good on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. Squelched by a backup who tossed four interceptions (and eighth in less than three full games), took an inexcusable sack in the closing seconds, and connected with his own receivers only 15 times more than he did with Seattle's defenders in 42 mostly unproductive attempts.

A.J. Feeley was exquisitely awful in a 28-24 loss, providing definitive proof that there will be no Cinderella ending to this season for any Eagles quarterback not named Donovan McNabb.

I could go on(there's probably 5 or 6 more), but the message doesn't change. Feeley was brutal and one way or the other he's probably started his last game this year. After the game Reid said that he expects McNabb to start next week.