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Westbrook wants McNabb back

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"McNabb gets key backing"

...considering Westbrook's stature as the Eagles' most dangerous weapon, he also had an important message to share in advance of the offseason.

''It's important for me to have Donovan [McNabb] back,'' Westbrook said. ''I think he's done a great job these last few weeks. Of course, he's getting his mobility back and he's playing a lot better. He continues to be a leader in the locker room and on this team. He's someone that people on this team look to when they need help, as well as when they need to be productive in the game.''

Isn't it interesting that just a few short years ago, McNabb's opinion on what the team needed used to make headlines? Reporters would go to Donovan and ask him the kind of questions they now ask Westbrook... Either way, I think it's becoming more and more obvious that McNabb will be here for at least another year.