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Sheldon blames the coaches?

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Sheldon seems to think the coaches were too tight.

"We all played tight -- you know what I mean?" Brown told reporters Sunday. "The last two weeks it was like: Let's just go play ball. We should have had that attitude from day one."

Someone asked Brown why that didn't happen.

"It's a trickle-down effect," Brown said. "If the coaches feel tight, it trickles down to the players. They're like: Oh, I can't make a mistake. I can't make a mistake.

"Now the coaches are relaxed, the players are relaxed and we're having fun playing and that's how it's always been since I've been here. I don't know why it wasn't that way from the beginning."

First off, I hardly hold Andy Reid blameless for this season. In fact, as the guy who picks the players, makes the gameplan, and coaches the team I hold him responsible above everyone.

However... This is kinda weak on Sheldon Brown's part. To be fair, he isn't really saying anything Andy hasn't said himself. However, in the end as a player you are responsible for your own psyche out there on the field. If you are scared of making mistakes, that's your problem. If you aren't loose and having fun, I'm inclined to say that's your problem as well. If the mood in the lockeroom isn't right that's on the shoulders of not only the coaches, but the players as well. Specifically the veteran players, like say... Sheldon Brown.

This is not the first time this Eagles team under this coaching staff has faced adversity. They've succeeded under worse conditions than this. I have no doubt that what Sheldon is saying makes sense. The team hasn't looked loose, they haven't looked like they were having fun... but is it a trickle down effect from the coaches? At some point, a player has to take responsibility for himself. I think in a way Sheldon has done that here... but not without at least a little finger pointing.