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Where did the Chad Johnson talk come from?

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Not happening
It just so happens that I live just out of earshot of Philly's sports talk station, 610 WIP. I can kinda get it at times, but honestly I'm not driving around with static all day hoping to hear something... During the Christmas holiday however, I was back in the heart of WIP's coverage area and I was sure to tune in a few times to see what the fans were saying.

I also happen to check out the official Eagles message board from time to time.

Multiple times over the past few days on WIP I heard both hosts and callers talk about the Eagles getting Chad Johnson from the Bengals this offseason. If you go read the Eagles message board, half the threads on there mention "Ocho Cinco" as a guy Eagles fans want.

Sounds like a fine idea to me. An elite, pro bowl WR... who wouldn't want that? The problem is... he's not a free agent. In fact, there's very little if any indication that he's available in any way. Johnson is under contract with the Bengals until 2010 with a team option for 2011. The only thing close to word that Johnson could be had was a report from ESPN's Chris Mortenson who said he could be trade bait in the offseason.

That little report seemed to cause a stir... but no one seemed to pay attention when Mort basically retracted it to the Bengals official site.

"There were two parts to it," Mortensen said Wednesday. "The first part dealt with the source saying that because of Chad's passion and pride, they have to figure out a way to deal with him. The second part was my analysis that the discussions could bring them to a crossroads and that could involve a trade. At no time did a Bengals source tell me they could possibly trade him."

I just have this odd feeling that for no reason at all many many Eagles fans and radio hosts are getting all worked up about getting Chad Johnson and when it doesn't happen they'll all freak out. I could see them now whining about how the Eagles are cheap and didn't go out and get a #1 WR when he was out there.

Bengals president Mike Brown even went so far as to say "He isn't going anywhere, Chad Johnson is a tremendous football player. We're glad he's here. He's an integral part of what we do."

He's not out there. He never was. One little note from Chris Mortenson on a Sunday doesn't mean Chad Johnson will be wearing Eagles green next year. Frankly, I can't figure out why anyone ever thought it did mean that.