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News from around the Eagles world...

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Lito Sheppard was named NFC defensive player of the week

On Eagles Live! yesterday I hear Dave Spadaro say the Eagles were "ranked 7th in run pass ratio." What does that mean? How would you compile a rank for that?

Jevon Kearse held up a #58 jersey and led a chorus of "snub snub snub!" as Trent Cole walked into the Eagles locker room. Despite being 2nd in the NFL in sacks, Cole was not named to the pro bowl team.

Speaking of pro bowl. Brian Dawkins is a second alternate.

This is a pretty funny stat regarding the youth in our LB corps.

Counting second-year man Chris Gocong and rookie Pago Togafau, the average experience of the healthy linebackers is .4 seasons; .2 years subtracting then rookie Gocong's season-ending neck injury