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Eagles lose 28-24

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Sorry for the late update after this game... I've just been wandering the streets aimlessly listening to emo music. Actually I haven't, but the feeling is the same.

Headline time.

Feely bandwagon suddenly empty

After last week I said Feeley earned one more start. There were many fans that were clamoring for him to just be named the starter from here on out. I said there was no point to that. Let him play another game and then let's see what happens. As it turned out the decision was made for Reid because McNabb still wasn't healthy. So AJ got his one more start and blew it.

Say what you want about the playcalling. Sure, the Eagles called 46 pass plays in bad weather. I get it. That's no excuse for the way he played. It doesn't matter what the weather is like, it doesn't matter how many passes are called, you simply can't throw the ball to the other team. AJ was brutal today and has to take a lion's share of the blame for today's loss. Four picks today and three were thrown directly to a Seahawk linebacker. In other words, they were just bad picks. Let's not forget the multiple times he threw into double coverage to guys that had no shot at making a play. Plus, to anyone who says you can't win throwing so much in that kind of weather... Seattle did.

Even when the defense makes plays, they can't make plays

Even with the way Feeley played, you could boil this game to one defense taking what was given to them and the other not. The fact is that Feeley threw three balls directly into the hands of a Seahawks linebacker. All three were caught. Matt Hasselbeck three two balls directly into the hands of Eagles linebackers and both were dropped. Had either Spikes or Gaither held onto either of those two balls thrown directly to them the outcome of this game could have been totally different. It's that simple. One defense took what was given to them and the other didn't.

The unfortunate thing is that the Eagles defense actually did force some turnovers today. Sheldon Brown had one great pick and he laid a nice hit that forced a fumble. Unfortunately the story of this game is the plays the defense didn't make rather than the ones they did.

More awful special teams

As exciting as the final punt return was, didn't really highlight just how putrid our return game is? All it took to make a play back there was to put a guy in with some talent. To me it only makes it more obvious what a poor job was done personnel-wise with the special teams. How helpful would that kind of return been once or twice before today? We can never hope for that though, the best we can hope for is a fair catch that doesn't get fumbled. Oh and of course if the situation is completely desperate and the game is almost over then we might put in Westbrook and make a play. Let's not even talk about the poor job in coverage today... Burleson had one nice punt return for 36 yards that led to 7 points for the Seahawks.

To be honest though, looking at the way the offense had been playing in the 4th quarter... did anyone think the game was lost when Westbrook didn't score on the punt return? The way Feeley was playing and the way the offense looked, I had no confidence at all that they'd be able to get in even with first down on the 15 yard line.