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Eagles v Seahawks Gameday open thread

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Seattle Seahwks @ Philadelphia Eagles
Lincoln Financial Field - Philadelphia, PA
Time: 1:00pm ET
TV: FOX | Radio: 94.1 WYSP, Sirius 121
Uniforms: Green jerseys with White pants

For a Seahawks perspective check out Field Gulls

Fun fact for you... the Seahawks trail the overall series between these two teams, 6-4, and have lost two of the past three matchups. However, their last win came in a blowout at a snowy Linc...

Prediction: Eagles 24, Seawhawks 19 - This is an interesting game for Andy Reid and the Eagles because we saw last week that they really do have another gear that we've seldom seen this year.  The Seahawks are a good team, but if the Eagles come out with the same kind of fire and passion as they did against the Pats then they can win this game. We're at home against a good team, there can be no excuse for not matching the intensity of last week. I also wouldn't mind seeing some more of that aggressive playcalling on both sides of the ball...

At 5-6 the Eagles are amazingly enough just a game out of a wildcard right now. With a win the Eagles could actually put themselves in the driver's seat for playoff spot. Certainly a testament to the mediocrity of the NFC, although the NFL would call it "parity." A loss, however, would put the birds 2 games under .500 and potentially behind 5 or 6 other teams for a wildcard berth... in other words it's win or go home today.