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Reggie Bush could play this weekend

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As we turn an eye toward the New Orleans Saints this weekend, it appears that Reggie Bush might play. Both Bush and starting RB Duece McCallister have been hurt this year with the latter being out for the year. There's been a lot of speculation that Bush would also be finished for the year but it appears now that he could play.

The Saints' tailback is still considered questionable for Sunday's game. And the team will no doubt try and keep the Eagles and the media guessing about Bush's health status throughout the week.

But Saints Coach Sean Payton said Monday he is "optimistic" about Bush's possible return.

"He's a little bit ahead of schedule. That's been encouraging," Payton said of Bush, who missed the previous two games with a torn posterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. "I think he's feeling a lot stronger on it. He's obviously moving around a lot better on it.

"We'll see where he's at Wednesday, but I know he's planning on practicing, and that will be a plus."

Even if Bush does play it will be interesting to see if he's much more than decoy. Either way, the smart money says that Aaron Stecker will see the majority of the carries either way.