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Roy Williams suspended for horse collar

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It was an easy to call to make. Roy Williams, the man who inspired the horse collar tackle rule, clear as day grabbing McNabb by the back of his collar and dragging him down to the ground. Multiple flags were thrown and Williams was given a 15 yard penalty for the third time this year.

Bottom line is that it's an illegal, dirty, and dangerous play, he knows it and still continues to do it. Finally, the NFL has done something about it. Williams was suspended for one game.

Dallas Cowboys safety Roy Williams was suspended one game by the National Football League after his third illegal ``horse collar'' tackle of the season.

Williams, the Cowboys' second-leading tackler, will miss the team's Dec. 22 game against the Carolina Panthers and lose his $35,000 base salary for this week.

He made the illegal tackle on a 17-yard run by Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb during the first quarter of Philadelphia's 10-6 win yesterday over Dallas.

Williams, 27, was fined $27,500 earlier this season for his two previous horse collar tackles, in which a defender grabs the inside of an opponent's shoulder pads from behind and pulls him down. He was also fined $10,000 last season.

A horse collar tackle by Williams in 2004 prompted the NFL to adopt a rule to protect offensive players being tackled in the open field. Williams broke the leg of Pro Bowl receiver Terrell Owens when he grabbed the inside of Owens's shoulder pads and bent him backward. Williams also injured three other players with similar tackles in 2004, leading the league to implement its horse collar rule before the 2005 season.

Now, let's take care of the fine for the dirty helmet to helmet hit from Ken Hamlin on Matt Schobel and we'll be done!