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Pam Oliver v Donovan McNabb round 2

Round one was of course Oliver's report and McNabb's denial...

Sounding upset and hurt by McNabb's denial, Oliver is sticking by her story.

Fox sports sideline reporter Pam Oliver told The News Journal on Monday that she can't trust the Eagles quarterback anymore after he public denied the accuracy of her report during Fox's broadcast of the NFC showdown.

"I just feel like our relationship is definitely broken," Oliver said in a phone interview. "It's not easy to be called a big, fat liar. You wake up to that and it's unpleasant."

Just to show she serious she is... she pulls out the "swear on my mother's grave card"

Oliver also said she purposely withheld some of McNabb's more pointed remarks about the organization to keep him from getting in trouble.

"My only professional regret is: Why on Earth did I bend over backwards to make it less impactful?," she said. "And then wake up to ... to someone throwing you under bus like that."

"All I can tell you is I stand by it 100 percent," she later added. "It's on-my-mother's-grave accurate. That's the bottom line."

McNabb speaks to the media today in his normal Wednesday press conference and he's sure to face a whole slew of questions about this little controversy. Let's see what happens...

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