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Takeo Spikes has a torn rotator cuff

Spikes had an MRI on Monday morning which revealed the extent of the injury. Reid said that they are going to see if the injury can be managed to the point where Spikes can play. If not, Reid did say there are contingency plans but he would have to speak with defensive coordinator Jim Johnson. One option could be to put middle linebacker Omar Gaither on the weak side. Gaither started the last five regular season games and two postseason contests at the weakside spot last year. Rookie Akeem Jordan could also be promoted to starter and Gaither would be left in the middle.

If the plan is for Omar Gaither to be the starting middle linebacker for this team for the next however many years then for no reason should he be moved. This is his first full year as a MIKE and as a young guy there's no reason to keep moving him around. So far from watching this year I see no reason why he shouldn't be the starting MIKE as long as he's here.

I would like to see some way for a guy like Stewart Bradley to get worked into a game... The guy was a 3rd round pick after all.