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Pam Oliver is bad at reporting... or is she?

Did everyone else catch that bizarre sideline report by Pam Oliver during the game on Sunday? It struck me as really odd the moment she did it. She said she had a quick conversation with McNabb before the game but then prefaced it with "I got the impression..." Here is what she said.
"Donovan really seems to believe that his days in Philadelphia are numbered. When I spoke with him before the game, I got the impression that Donovan is a little hurt by what he sees as an organization distancing itself from him and an organization that's overly concerned about the negative fan reaction to him. But Donovan told me point blank: My knee is not an issue. The next place I go, I will win, and also that he will keep a smile on his face for as long he's in an Eagles uniform."

It was so odd because she first started by saying she got an "impression" about certain fairly inflammatory things but then only attributed one quote to McNabb. Now that one quote is interesting enough because it appears as though he does expect to be gone in the near future... but now McNabb is denying he said any of it.

"I am denying I said it. Make sure you get it right," McNabb said after helping the Eagles (6-8) snap a three-game losing streak and keep the team's slim playoff hopes alive.

"If I'm here, or wherever it might me, I'm going to give all that I have and I did that today. I'm going to continue to do that. You hear things and you get tired of answering questions, but I stand up here like a professional and I do it."

"Again, I hope to be back next year and I look forward to being back next year," McNabb said. "I've said time and time again that I'd love to be here eight more, nine more years. Is that possible? We'll see. I have no control over that."

So he does seem to again note that "wherever I am" idea again. It was odd to deny you said something and then basically re-iterate what Oliver had quoted you on.

I'm just not really sure what to make of this little situation. Clearly he said something to Pam Oliver and in all likelihood he was expressing some sort of frustration. Whether she got the wrong impression or got his quote wrong is up in the air. But something is certainly up and I don't for a minute think she simply made it all up.

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