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Harbaugh goes for UCLA job

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I suppose this is somewhat noteworthy since Harbaugh has been an assistant here since before the Reid era began. He's interviewing for open head coaching job at UCLA.

Philadelphia Eagles secondary coach John Harbaugh will interview for the head coach vacancy at UCLA, and if he lands the position, the longtime NFL assistant annually will compete with his brother in the Pac 10.

The interview was first reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer. A league source and a source close to Harbaugh confirmed the impending meeting between Harbaugh and UCLA officials.

Harbaugh, 45, was moved by Eagles coach Andy Reid to the secondary coaching position this year, after spending nine seasons as the special teams coach. Harbaugh was widely regarded as one of the NFL's top special teams mentors.

In the past few years, Harbaugh has strongly suggested he would like to be a head coach, and his name has been mentioned as a possible candidate for a few college openings, including those at Boston College and Western Michigan.