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Eagles playing Dallas you say? Hmmm....

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Well it is Friday and of course the Eagles do play the Cowboys this weekend and what would this game be without people stoking the rivalry a bit? I have to admit, I've just been too busy this week to compose a sequel to my infamous anti Dallas fan rant from earlier this year. However, my fellow Eagles fan blogging brethren and others have not been too busy to get in on the fun...

So I take you around the web for all the anti Cowboy goodness.

Over at the Fanhouse Enrico laments Cowboy fans' poor attempts to talk trash on Youtube. Another Fanhouse contributor, Miss Gossip, got in on the fun as well! Hockey masks FTW!

Over at Iggles Blog, Derek goes after the classy citizens of the Dallas. I'm not sure whether most Cowboy fans will mind this attack though, since most aren't from anywhere near Dallas anyway.

Of course the one place on the web where fans of all teams, not just the Eagles, can meet and discuss their feelings on the Cowboys is the fine site called America's Team Sucks

At the Eagle Scout, Dave says "Does your driver's license show the state of Texas? No, then you are committing fraud. " Greats minds my friend...

Inside the Iggles wants the Birds to spoil the Cowboys season by any means necessary. You can direct your complaints over there...

If you're one of those people into that "book readin'" You may want to check out Bert Sugar's fin book, I Hate the Dallas Cowboys: And Who Elected Them America's Team Anyway? Of course, the answer to that is "themselves." Former Cowboys' GM Tex Schramm(who appropriately was from California) marketed them with the name "America's Team" right about the time he introduced their cheerleaders.

Of course, the Redskins fans simply must get in on the fun with

Have a fine day!