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The Linc 12/13 - Bum's Girl Edition

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Iggles blog has begun to fortify the walls on the McNabb defense front. As usual, you just can't argue with the graphs. (Iggles Blog)

Dave at Eagle Scout laments the fact that no one seems to care that it's Dallas week. I noticed the apathy last week in the run up to the Giants' game. Of course, how can you really blame us? (Eagle Scout)

Something I lamented myself last week, not only are we apathetic we're bored by this team. (Bounty Bowl)

Inside the Iggles has an interview with a Dallas blogger that is convinced the Cowboys are as good as the Patriots and has no doubt they'll win the superbowl. Delusion is amusing. (Inside the Iggles)

In one more game with Dallas thanw ith Philly, TO's numbers with Romo as his QB are almost identical to his numbers with McNabb.  (Bird's Eye View)

It appears the Eagles record of being the largest non-expansion underdog was short lived. The Patriots are a whopping 26-point favorite over the Jets (Bloomberg)

I don't know why I find this interesting but the daughter of Cowboys' coach and "Bum's Boy" Wade Phillips is in the new Tom Hanks movie. (With Leather)

This is kinda funny... After the loss to the Giants the Eagles now have a 1.7% shot at making the playoffs. Hope springs eternal huh? (Sports Club Stats)