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Wake me up when something interesting happens.

TO again with more drivel about how he still hasn't gotten over being kicked out of here. Usually people who are truly over something don't constantly need to talk about it... To be fair, he's always asked about it, but he still persists with the conspiracy stuff saying it wasn't his fault blah blah blah

No, not at all. I know there are some things that I probably could have done differently, but overall, I'm content with where I am. I honestly know that everything that was reported when I got suspended there, that it wasn't true. So I'm fine where I am. Everything happens for a reason. I feel like I got the better end of the deal.

As for who got the better end of the deal... Do I need to remind TO that he has won nothing as a member of the Cowboys? Of course, we haven't really won anything either. Basically one playoff game. In the end, the only group of people that got the better of that deal was sports writers/ESPN/sports talk radio...